We’re on the mission to help companies scale and succeed.

Building a product and scaling a company may be challenging.

We’re offering the one-stop-shop for developing your Product as well as the Business Transformation & Organizational Process improvement.
We deliver hassle-free services where everybody wins.

Our Services

We value trust and knowledge, so creating real value is our
#1 mission, 100% of the time. We deliver services in the areas of Product Management, Due-Diligence and Exit Strategy as well as Support Operations at every step of the process and coordinate Strategy Execution.

Product Consulting

  • Conducting Customer & Market Research for New Products
  • Customer Journey, Success, and Product Support
  • Building Product as per requirements
  • Implementing Agile into an organization
  • Product/Project Mentoring & Coaching

Due-Diligence & Exit Strategy

  • Developing and Validating the Business Model
  • Pre-Investment Audits: Marketing, Sales, IT/Tech, Operations
  • Investor Research and Strategy
  • Exit Strategy consulting
  • Co-investing in prospective Products

Tax & Legal

  • Setting up the New Business entity
  • Accounting/Tax Services & Tax Optimization
  • Writing / reviewing Contracts and Business Negotiations
  • Representing in front of the Investors
  • Startup M&A and Co-investing

Operations & Culture

  • Boosting the communication across the company
  • Digitizing and Implementing New Tools
  • Managing Chaos – introducing scalable processes
  • Delivering Project Management Training
  • Building whole Project Teams / Organizations

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Our Experience

Driven to create value, we prioritize trust and gladly guide
our customers through the process of digital transformation,
one thing at a time. Your Clients are in the center of Our Universe,
and their Success is one of our motivations when building extraordinary solutions. We’re making a difference across multiple industries.

Greater Vision - Investment-Ready Product - greatervision.enterprises
Greater Vision - Investment-Ready Product - greatervision.enterprises
Greater Vision - Investment-Ready Product - greatervision.enterprises

Positive Change in people’s lives



Scaling up the company after the investment round is challenging, but designing and implementing the Customer Success model proved to be the best value, as we were able to provide our clients with outstanding customer service. On top of that, when we added internal support within the organization, we were able to take a more agile approach to project execution across the board, managing change, and executing strategic goals and objectives. We were honestly surprised to see how one decision can result in so many benefits for the company. Professional assistance at such an important stage goes a long way.


Head of Emerging Markets Trading IT

When our projects were at risk, they saved the day, streamlining our portfolio to improve the decision-making process and adding reporting to ensure full transparency on every level. As they implemented effective communication between the team distributed across 8 time zones, they increased the team’s productivity and successfully executed one of the key programs that came with regulatory and financial fines risk. Excellent work, we were very happy with this collaboration!

About Us

Our team consists of experts in Consulting & Management on
the mission to scale great enterprises and guide them towards organizational excellence. We are all for sustainable growth and innovative solutions, which fuel a company’s success in the long-run. Since we’re future-oriented, we implement new projects to impact and impress customers for years to come.

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